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Anxiety and headaches are a very common problem nowadays. They are “complementary” in many ways. Anxiety comes in many forms—panic attacks, phobia, and social anxiety—so the distinction between a disorder and “a normal anxiety” isn’t always clear.  Approximately one in ten people are paying a visit to the doctor because they are experiencing feelings of tension, anxiety or headaches.  But it is physical disturbance caused by anxiety that can be really intimidating. It can make you think that something with you is physically wrong, bringing you concerns that you are seriously ill.  So, the strong feeling that something terrible could happen (that is anxiety) brings on severe pains in your head and other actual physical discomfort.  A great number of people are using various pills and medications in order to fight anxiety. But who would tell that one of the best medicines for this problem can be a garden plant growing right in your backyard? Its vivid purple color and the extraordinary scent can bring joy to every home!  This miracle plant is lavender! It is a wonderful garden plant or bush with bunches of purple flowers with a sweet smell.

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